Questions and Ansewers

1) Q. What exactly is clearcoat?
     A. The clearcoat is the actual gloss and glamour appearance that you see when you look at most finishes of today. The clearcoat provides a protective "shield" for the actual basecoat or color. It contains uv screeners and other additives to protect from stains and ward off other harsh environmental factors.

2) Q. Will I notice a difference in paint color?
     A. No. Color blending is a method of spraying color onto a vehicle in such a way that the edge of the sprayed color "disappears" into the surrounding area, whereby not leaving a noticeable break line such as a door gap or molding.

3) Q. I want to get the rust repaired on my car but won't it just come back?
     A. Although many shops won't touch rust repairs, at Don's Autobody, we do everything we can to give you the best job possible. This includes sandblasting the rusted area as needed and applying special corrosion resistant primers.

4) Q. Will my car drive the same as it did?
     A. Yes. When a car in involved in a collision the vehicle is put on a frame machine and pulled back to factory specifications. When all measurements meet or exceed factory tolerances, the car then gets an alignment for final adjustment.

5) Q. My insurance company gave me a list of body shops. What do I do?
     A. You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular shop. You should choose a shop that you feel comfortable with.

6) Q. What do the terms oem, lkq, and aftermarket mean?
     A. OEM is the original equipment manufacturer; it is what your car came with from the factory. LKA stands for like, kind, and quality or, better yet, used. Aftermarket refers to a company that has reproduced a part for a car. Occasionally these parts can give the repair shop a bit of a hard time. At Don's Autobody, we weed out the inferior aftermarket parts and only use CAPA certified parts that live up to our standards.